What are Trigger Leads

A trigger Lead is a marketing tool created by the 3 major credit bureaus which, under the FCRA allows the bureaus to include borrower names on lists used by creditors and insurers to make firm offers.

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All Those New Spam Calls – What Just Happened?

After a borrower, that is you, applies for a loan, information about the application is sold by TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax to other lenders so they are made aware that the borrower is actively looking for a loan and can target them with contending offers.

While this is frustrating for both borrowers and lenders, there are ways to help combat this madness, one of which is to “opt-out”.

In easy language, your data has been sold and big bucks lender firms are fighting for your business by trying to steal you away from your lender.

What Can I Do To Stop Those Pesky Calls?

To ensure that the bureaus have had sufficient time to remove you, the borrower, from their list, it is recommended that you complete the opt-out process  5 days prior to having credit pulled. Follow the link below.

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Remember, no solution is perfect, as new lender shops rise they still need to be entered into the system. Some might not be reported and still might slip through the cracks. So give it some patience and trust your lender.