Home Purchase

Home Purchase

Secure Your Home Purchase with Secure Choice Lending


So you’re thinking about purchasing a home? You could be a first-time home buyer, an experienced buyer looking for an investment property or could be looking to upgrade your housing accommodation to go with your growing family. Secure Choice Lending is here to help!

Many people are insecure about the options in front of them. However many people don’t realize that a home mortgage is often cheaper than renting and gives them several benefits. Secure Choice Lending can give you the confidence to be secure in your choice and reap the benefits of home ownership: Tax Benefits, Investment and Pride of Ownership.

To see how much you could be paying in a mortgage, enter in your information into the mortgage calculator to get an idea of what your monthly payments could be.

Whatever your situation, Secure Choice Lending would like to help you make the best choice so that you can be secure in your future as a homeowner. Our process is simple and streamlined as you move forward with one of our loan options.

The Process to become Secure in your Choice begins with these seven easy steps:

  1. 1. Connect With Secure Choice Lending
    1. You can call us at (951) 707-9364 or email us at mhossler@securechoicelending.com.

  2. 2. Secure Your Goal
    1. There are numerous options for every situation and it can be easy to become overwhelmed. We can give you the knowledge that will help secure your goal based on what you can afford and what you qualify for.

  3. 3. Choose Your Loan
    1. Along with the correct direction, Secure Choice Lending can help you with the abundance of loan options available (FHA loans, home equity loans, housing loans or mortgage loans). We can guide you through the choices and help you determine what will be the best for you.

  4. 4. Get Approved
    1. After we have determined what loan you should apply for, we will need to run a credit report along with a loan application. After these have been submitted, we will determine if you qualify.

  5. 5. Securing Your Documents
    1. As we move forward with the loan process, we will need copies of certain documents from you to underwrite your application. It’s imperative that you supply us with the necessary documentation as quickly as possible to secure your loan approval.

  6. 6. Secure Your Loan
    1. Once your loan has been submitted for underwriter approval, we will begin the final step before your loan can be closed and funded.

  7. 7. Secure Your Keys
    1. After your loan is closed and funded, the next step is up to you and your realtor – when to pick up your keys!