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Gary Berry Gary Berry Gary Berry
Senior Loan Officer | NMLS 1565089

Gary Berry

Gary Berry is more than just another mortgage lender and CalTAP Plus is more than just a mortgage loan. "I help teachers, police officers, firefighters, military (active & retired), and other California public employees’ budget, save money and develop a financial plan for retirement by utilizing their home mortgage as a wealth building tool."

CalTAP Teacher & Public Employee Rewards Benefits:

  1. No Lender (or) Processing Fees Charged Ever! ($1,895 value)
  2. Free Float Down if Rates Improve after You LOCK!
  3. Earn up to $10,000 CASH-BACK using one of our Clever Real Estate Partners to buy your next home!


  1. We offer a MATCH (or) BEAT Rate & Pricing Guarantee!

Make us your first and last call to get pre-approved with peace of mind that CalTAP Plus is the #1 home loan program available for California public employees.

I have dedicated my life to helping others. I have been a firefighter in the US Navy, after which I earned a degree in Business Management. I also spent 16 years serving the local soccer community as a coach and programs director for various organizations.

Gary's motto is…
"Comfort zones are cozy, but nothing ever grows there."

I will work with you (or) your clients to find the best financial options and provide a Home Loan Pre-Approval before making an offer on a home. After your offer is accepted, I will commit to delivering "Keys in 21 Days” or less.

If you are ready to buy your next home or refinance, please give me a call (or) apply online with confidence that you will receive the "BEST" combination of interest rate, pricing, and customer experience available today!

Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate, DRE License #02042332 NMLS #1161689. For further licensing click Here